The inception of the Baymz brand goes back to always being a true enthusiast first before anything else. As Enthusiasts we at times go through the struggle of finding or tracking down that extra mod or part to complete that special build. To our frustration these parts don’t either exist any more or have never existed at all, or perhaps if they did exist the price was too much of a deal for the most enthusiast whose trying to perhaps get that build done on a budget. Baymz was born out of love for the BMW platform and simply what those machines have stood for over the years

For this reason every design and part we hope to bring to you on this journey will be something we will all get to love asĀ  enthusiast and something that will hopefully get you closer to getting the build done within your budget of course. Although enthusiasts we are also engineers with vast experience in the aviation and automotive industry and as such will ensure the quality and performance of every part you purchase off us is second to none at all times. So buy with confidence and we thank you for supporting our dream and vision.